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Multi-user experience (up to 12 people)
Players freely roam around the gaming area
«Team vs team» or single mode experiences
Games for all ages
Online updates
New games release every 6 months
Our games
Detroit VR
Survive in the world after atomic explosion!
Mafia VR
The Fixies VR
Ghost catchers VR
Polygon VR
Space shooter VR
Police or Mafia - whose side will you choose?
Feel yourself one of the Fixies. Dive into the cartoon right now!
Protect the city from the ghosts!
Fight with the drones in space!
The war for survival began.
Our VR projects
Executive team
Maxim Sterlyagov

More than 20 years of experience in startup originations in different businesses
Mikhail Torkunov

Alexey Svirskiy

Bogdan Mischuk

Dmitry Osin

Petr Markov
More than 7 years of experience in commercial and business development
More than 8 years of experience in PR and marketing communications in big IT companies and innovative startups
More than 15 years of experience in operation processes
More than 10 years experience in digital marketing
More than 20 years of experience in Hardware & Software development
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Technical Oficer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Business Development Officer
Engage VR is very exciting
Our parks
8 VR Parks
12 VR Parks in process
Требования к помещению
Specifications to the facility
No natural illumination sources
Plain floor

Air conditioning system
In the media
«...I still have «WOW» feelings. I`ve never tried such an immersion experience...»
«...you catch a corage while shooting your enemies... Bots or real players - try to stay alive...»
«… Dive2VR is in partnership with Marvel and Will.I.Am…»
«...The first feelings are amazing... you totally control your motions like in real life, and you can see your teammates - that`s cool...»
«…..The only thing which is helped me to get back to reality, is a regular clothes on my friends - not the camouflage.…»
Our partners
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Business Development Manager
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