15 years ago people reached the top of technological progress, which led to the discovering of new worlds. The exploring of other planets, intergalactic jumps, life outside of the "Earth" planet - is no longer just words. But we are not the only ones who were in space. 5 warring clans, and each of them is trying to capture other planets and establish their own rules in the universe.
The Planet, that we managed to fight back, is again in danger. Thousands of drones were sent to destroy the population of the planet. Your goal is to destroy the attacking drones with a laser! Remember: playing as a team is your key to the Victory!
Places to go to play
OZ Mall (VRCenter)
Krylataya st. 2
59 km of Simferopol highway, 1
Mosaic Mall
7th Kozhukhovskaya st., 9

Avrora Mall
Aerodromnaya st. 47A
Malysheva st. 5
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