Chicago in the 1920s and 1930s was called the "Rebellious City". The times of jazz, gambling, whiskey, striped costumes, wide-brimmed hats and Thompson rifles. In those days, Chicago was recognized as the capital of the underworld, led by a virtuoso mafiozi - Al Capone.
Be a part of this madness. But first you have to choose the side: join the police or become a mafia gangster!
The goal is to destroy the enemy clan and blow up the car of the leader (the police captain or the mafia boss).In order to win you have to cooperate and stand together. Change weapons, attack the enemy, use shelters and do not forget to reinforce your ammunition and health. Remember: playing as a team is your key to the Victory!
Places to go to play
Aviapark Mall
Hodynskiy boulevard 4
OZ Mall (VRCenter)
Krylataya st. 2
59 km of Simferopol highway, 1
Mosaic Mall
7th Kozhukhovskaya st., 9

Avrora Mall
Aerodromnaya st. 47A
Malysheva st. 5
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