Discover the whole new world
of games and entertainment in virtual reality of Engage VR
The license of Engage VR virtual reality park — is a business in the entertainment segment that is always in demand.
New entertainment format
Payback period 12-14 months
New games released every 6 months
We engage with partners with experience in business operations management and team management because we understand that inactivity does not bring results.
Earn up to 30 000$ per month
Monthly income
Pay-back period
10 000 USD.
14 months
Monthly income
Pay-back period
License cost
18 000 USD.
14 months

124 000 USD.
License options
EngageVR Park
area size 1300 sq. feet

EngageVR Park
area size 2600 sq. feet

License cost
99 000 USD.
Prior to the license purchase agreement, we will design a tailored financial model of an EngageVR park to suit your specific start up conditions, so you know in advance at what stage your project will become profitable.
We support our partners
We will set up an accounting for the amount of games and players to calculate the revenue of your park.
You will receive data analytics of the players' results in your park.
We will remotely update and install new games in your park.
From the very beginning you will be able to control all the business indicators.
We will help you to open the park and to hold events!
We will advise on marketing, promotion and development of your Engage VR park in terms of strategy and achievement of stable sales targets.
We will take charge on some part of the advertising load in the Internet: purchase of advertising, your registration in reference books and its services, and much more.
We will help you to effectively launch and post information in social media.
We will assist you in search for suitable premises and arranging lease on favorable terms.
We will assist with the park design, and will advise on reputable constructors.
We will guide you how to calculate the best price for your city.
Visitors and games data analytics. Games support
Advertising, PR and Marketing
We provide training and help at every stage
We will provide staff training on your site.
is an unconventional and exiting business in a new growing market
* The figures noted above are based on SuperData report
** Greenlight Insights
Start business in virtual reality now to take your market share. Virtual reality market is projected to reach 37.7 billion USD revenue by 2020*. VR parks will reach up to 1.2 billion USD.**
Want to gain a share of this amounts? You only need to start.
Engage VR license is your opportunity to generate a guaranteed profitable business in a growing industry, and to develop a modern product in the entertainment segment, interesting for people in your city and all over the world.

Our park model is designed to combine key business indicators, which will allow you to recoup in 12/14 months.

Please fill in the form below or call +1 (323) 375 1121 to arrange a meeting. We will provide more information about our project, and calculate the financial model for your Engage VR park.
enjoyed by children and adults
We will work together as a team
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