We are Fixies, and we help people every day. Moving through electric wires allows us to instantly fix any device, wherever it is! We all store the "BIG SECRET" so that people do not know about our existence.
But we have a big problem - one of our inventions was captured by a mischievous fixie named Fire, and now the city is on the verge of disaster, and we are under threat of disclosure! Help us to save the city with your friends. Nolik, Spool, Verta, Ynet - choose a character and listen carefully to Simka, sho will tell and show you how to repair broken objects and stop the mischief Fire.
Places to go to play
OZ Mall (VRCenter)
Krylataya st. 2
Mosaic Mall
7th Kozhukhovskaya st., 9

Avrora Mall
Aerodromnaya st. 47A
Malysheva st. 5
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