Virtual reality parks
Started working in 2016
Tens of thousands of people experienced incredible sensations and excitement in our parks that they have never had before. 30% of players return to the ENGAGE VR parks to play again.
To-date we opened 7 parks in the Russian Federation, 2 in the USA and 1 in Malaysia.
Developed games for VR.
Designed and set up the Engage VR business license platform.
since then
Just imagine: in a blink of an eye you see yourself and others in a different world and in new vision. As soon as you put on a virtual reality headset, you can start playing, interact and compete with other players and complete quests in the new world moving freely around the perimeter of the ENGAGE VR area.
What we do
Offer extraordinary experience and sensations to our visitors :)
What else?
Develop games content, quests and educational experience.
Continue developing our own tracking technology Smart Track
Maintain Engage VR business platform to provide excellent level of support for our partners
Sell our EngageVR virtual reality parks license catch courage while shooting your enemies... Bots or real players - try to stay alive...
I recall those two short rounds when together with my friends I fought in the virtual world, and I can say I still have those "Wow!" feelings. I've never had an experience of such an immersion before.
The company Dive2VR has attracted an investment of $ 1 million for developing of its own technology of virtual reality (VR). VR parks in Russia, the United States and entertainment zones in cinemas are among its projects.
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